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3rd N Long Newsletter - Volume 7 Issue 6 PDF Print E-mail
Created on : 2014-06-11

Inside This Issue

  • Writing an Effective Proposal
  • Message from the President
  • Consulting Focus: Market Positioning
  • Industry Perspectives


Writing an Effective Proposal

At some point in business, you will need to write a proposal to solicit support, funding, or some type of business.  The proposal is the tool to express that message.  It is not simply enough to write the proposal, but it must be effective if you hope to see the desired outcome.  To sell anything, you have to focus on the needs and wants of the person to whom you are selling.  A well-written proposal can accomplish that.  Here are few simple steps to keep in mind when crafting your proposal:

·       Ask questions – A proposal is a request.  Questions tend to evoke a response.  Ask for what you want.

·       Quickly get to the point – Your proposal should grab the attention of the reader right away.  You should not waste time with meaningless wording.  Keep the writing clear and simple.

·       Tell a story – Studies

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